Our Ministries



Prayer Breakfast Ministry


Come join us monthly for our prayer breafast fellowship. We will all enjoy cooking and eating a nice breakfast together. When we finish eating we will have prayer time and scripture discussion as a group. Be sure to invite a friend or neighbor to join us. We love visitors. Want to be a part of this ministry just click the link below.









Praise & Worship Ministry

Our Praise and Worship Ministry  is a very important one. The Team leads our church congregation in singing sweet songs of love and adoration from our hearts to glorify God, our creator, our Father, our savior. Being a part of our team requires a lot of commitment with before and outside of regular church hours for practice sessions to make it successful. Want to be a part of the Praise & Worship Ministry just click the link below, we would love to have you. 





Bible Study

Please join us for our Bible study every Sunday morning at 9:45am. We will be exploring the Word of God together and discussing the application of His Truth in our daily lives. If you want to understand the Bible on another level we would love for you to join us and give your input into this interesting journey. We look forward to sharing God's word with you. We currently offer two morning classes; the first studies the bible chapter by chapter, the other class studies by subject matter and uses the Lifeway study guide. Try us out, you will be glad you did. Just click the link below.

Audio Visual Team

Our  audio visual team works hard every week in support of our Pastor and the Worship Team. They make sure  information, song words and video's are properly displayed on the screens for the congregation to see. They also help the Worship/Music Team and the Pastor with controlling the music and the microphones. 


Sound Board


Brenda Helping on Sound Board

Children's Ministry

Children are always welcome!


We offer a comfortable nursery for the really little ones. We would be happy to take care of your little one while you enjoy the Service.


We also have the capability to teach the  older children about the life of Jesus and the Bible while often digging into some games and arts and crafts. We want this experience to be as fun as possible for your children.  

Our Nursery

Prayer Group Ministry

The Prayer Group Ministry is open to everyone. While we know you can pray anytime anywhere we have established a dedicated room in our church used solely for prayer. We call it our War Room!


If you are hurting, having a difficult time, need to pray for a friend of family member, or just want to have a conversation with God in a quiet place to be alone, our War Room is the place for you.


Do you need someone to pray with you individually?  If so just let us know and we would love to pray with you. 


If you would like our entire church to pray with you just fill out one of our prayer request forms and we will post it on our prayer cross in the prayer room and the entire church will pray with you. 


We also would ask that you pray for our church and our congregation and our Pastor reguarily.


Every Sunday we try to have someone from the congregation stay in the prayer room during the pastors sermon to pray over him. You are welcome to become a part of that as well.


How important is prayer? Well its pretty evident  as stated in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing."


Fellowship Ministry

Missions & Outreach Ministry

Publicity Outreach 


Our Fellowship Ministry Team and our entire church family is an awesome group of people who look out for and provide support for each other. You are welcome to join us.


We provide meals to church members and regular attendees in time of need such as hospitalization or family loss.


The Fellowship Ministry Team also coordinates and organizes all functions which occur in the church such as after church banquets and luncheons. 


They also organize and coordinate evening fellowship functions conducted within the church such as after church dinners and special functions. 



Church Decorating Team

Our Church Decorating Team takes care of keeping our church pretty. They make changes to the church for major holidays and special occassions such as Christmas, Valentines, Spring, Fall, Thanksgiving, New Years and July 4th. Let us know if you would like to help out.

Our Missions & Outreach Ministry  provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to our community in many different ways. Come Join in, we would love to have you be a part of our ministry.

Movie Night

Movie night is a night where we play faith based movies that show the love of Christ. Be prepared to have lots of fun and fellowship with popcorn and ice cream. Sometimes we even have pizza too! Its a great time to invite others to church that normally dont attend.  Sometimes you may even need to bring your tissues.

Edenton United

This is a ministry of local Churches of various denominations that band together once a year to collect school supplies, even including book bags, for children in the area. The culmination of the event is a one day community fair where the children gather for fun and to receive thier bags. we set up a booth at the fair to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and also to support the event such as serving meals or other functions as needed.  

Bertie Adopted Families

We are blessed to be providing support for two local families in our community. Both families lives were changed, along with many others on August 4, 2020 when a tornado touched down and devastated the area. These families are living in FEMA mobile homes at the current time. Our church has adopted these two families providing emotional, spiritual and financial support for the next year while these families make future plans. 

Food baskets for The Needy

Our church family collects food monthly and provides food baskets to needy families in our community. 

Soup and Sandwichs

We provide soup and sandwich meals to  familes in the community once a month. 

Operation In As Much

We provide support in the community for small projects in and around the home such as performing yard work or minor repairs to the home. We might mend a fence, rake up a yard, cut the grass, do some clean up replace a rotten board and other minor projects.


We are able to provide transportation for anyone wishing to attend services that have no means of transportation.


Our Publicity Outreach Team provides behind the scenes support for our church social and digital media. We maintain and update our Facebook, you-tube and website pages. In addition we maintain the Church sign.


We video all of our pastors Sunday sermons as well as other church sermons such as the current on-line series of Bible Study classes. We post them all on several of the social media platforms and our website so that we can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond our church doors.

Its also good to help keep our church family up to date in case they miss a sermon or are homebound and cant attend regular church services. 


Are you good working with computers or social media. Facebook, You-tube or Websites, we can use you. 


Video & Camera Equipment

Audio Visual, Worship and Publicity crews getting ready for Sunday Service